Mouse Key Organizer

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Mouse Grocery List

Newly listed Mischievous House Mouse Grocery List and Key Hanger.

This faux brick plaster wall effect was sculpted using plaster and putty.  It was sculpted over an abandoned square of weather worn plywood.

I have always loved the texture and depth of color in plastered brick walls. The salvaged plywood gave me a chance to recreate the effect in one of my pieces.

Surface details were achieved by applying various shades of acrylic paint. This process took some time and patience.

The inspiration for this piece came from the cheese like piece of (what I can only assume is agate) water worn rock, reminiscent of a piece of dried and moldy swiss cheese.


Barn Owl Jewelry Display or Key Hanger

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Barn Owl Jewelry Hanger

This piece has exceeded my expectations. The Base coat consisted of a pale rose shade of white paint brushed into all the nooks and crannies of the woods surface. Next, pure white paint was brushed along the surface for contrast. The surface was then highlighted with silver along the upper ridges, and gold along the bottom, then downplayed with a touch of more white. The whole piece was sealed with a matte polish.

The overall effect provides the piece with a finish reminiscent of a moonlit glow.

August 2015 Work in Progress

This month has been an absolute blur! I have gotten so much accomplished in the time available that I haven’t been able to keep updating items in the shop. So, as it may take a week or two to get everything posted, here is a preview of what is to come.

Barry Mader August Work

Above are some of the items that will be available in Barry’s Shop. The Pillow cases are currently in stock, but the prints themselves are yet to be listed.

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Just in time for fall, the Scarecrow, Tin man, and Lion should be available in September. They will be listed separately.
Wizard of Oz

It has been a bit of a chore keeping the Scarecrow and the Lion away from the cats. Murr loves the straw, and Mo has an obsession with the Lion’s mane.

I am very excited about the following piece. The owl photos are the inspiration for the figurines which will sit atop the wood piece. Unfortunately, because these Barn owl photos have been in my files for some time, I can’t seem to track down who the original photographer was. The second owl is available in gif format at:

Owl Key chain hanger

The wood pieces take the most time. They need to be cleaned and dried, to ensure no passengers follow along on the journey. The backing usually needs reinforcement, due to the fragile nature of the wood. This requires a plaster layer be applied, which adds a few extra days. Next, the polymer figures need to be sculpted, painted, affixed, and sealed to the piece. Either a clock is fitted into the piece, or hooks are secured into the wood and reinforced with a strong adhesive. Finally, a lacquer is applied to the surface to ensure it’s durability.

At the beginning of 2015, decorative boats were in high demand. Any link I selected was already sold, so I decided to craft my own. The two boat freestanding boats have been complete since April, but I still haven’t been able to bring myself to posting them. The masts are hand tatted (a form of crochet) to fit the dimensions of each ship.

Boats in progress blog

The driftwood pieces originate from a variety of locations, depending on where life takes us.

The two unfinished boats were created using wood collected from Nicolum River, near the Coquihalla highway.

The two completed boats were made from wood along Vaseux Lake, at OK Falls.

The next piece will be posted by the end of the month.

Squirrel Clock in progress

The Clock hands are awaiting the final golden touch.

Sparrow Bird House Blog Posting

The wood from this piece was collected from the shores of Vaseux Lake.

The sparrow inspiration photo is from Google images. (I am not posting any more links directly to the photo inspiration websites, as my computer has begun crashing as a side effect. Instead, I am pinning the images under my Pinterest “Animals” folder.)

The hollowed out driftwood tree trunk, below, was collected from a stream in Pritchard, B.C.

Skunk Log in Progress

And for the last post of the day, the Mouse Mushroom Branch, below, was collected from Pritchard, B.C.

Mouse Mushroom

This is an extremely unique piece. There is a mushroom growth at the base of the branch with a texture very similar to lush grass. I think it is going to be a lot of fun to work with. (Thank you Dad for collecting it for me)

And that concludes the longest post I’ve ever made in my life 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed the pieces and look forward to them arriving in the shop as much as I do.

Summer Splendor

August is here, …. and almost over already! It’s hard to believe how fast the time is flying by.

There are several new postings to Etsy, along with the following Treasury Listings. I will try to post some more when I have time.

Grey Decor with a Wild Side

Raccoon Treasury List

Autumn Leaves and a Woodland Breeze

Wren Sculpture Treasury List

Picture Perfect

After last months attempts at taking photos in the heat of the day to get that ideal natural lighting, it has become apparent that alternative methods need to be achieved. Well, that, and there is the fact that the temperature has doubled from what it was last month… Kelowna really is Canada’s California.

After using the newly created indoor light box, pictures are not quite up to our standards, but they are getting there.

The ones that have come out best are being uploaded to Etsy today.

There is also a new addition to my collection. I have added a wildflower print pencil case. The picture is linked to the Etsy listing. I hope you enjoy!

flower pouch front side

July Listings

The June 30th listings are uploaded.

Jewelry sets can be viewed in my Treasury listings.

Birds of a Feather Jewelry Set

Birds of a Feather Treasury

Woodland Decor-Chipmunk Wall Clock

Woodland Decor

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

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