About Us

Welcome to my blog post about the goings on at my KateMaderDecor and BarryMaderPrints Etsy Shops.

cropped-card-face-unedited-compiled.jpgKate Mader Decor is home to my collection of unique hand crafted jewelry pieces, and woodland inspired decorative art pieces. If you would like to commission a piece with your favourite animal, or order a piece revolving around an item you already have, please contact me on my Etsy account and I will design a piece just for you!

Copyright logoBarry Mader Prints is home to Barry Mader’s online Photography studio. Here you can find beautiful wildlife and scenery shots in a variety of mediums. We carry pencil case/clutch purses, cushion covers, jigsaw puzzles, and photo prints. If you have any other items with Barry’s prints that you would like made, please contact us, and we will do our best to fill your order.

Our Team

Nico, my husband (Brody) and I are avid hikers and adventurers. We spend a lot of our spare time exploring remote places outdoors.

Nico (our chocolate lab) shares my love of finding ‘sticks’ and brings me all sorts of pieces he feels should be added to the collection. He is still awaiting the day that I branch off into creating stick airplane decor – He is fascinated by their aerodynamic features.

Nico and Kate BlogPhoto above: Nico and I taking some well earned rest after hiking the first part of the HBC Trail.

Barry has been an award winning photographer for the past 35+ years. His photos are so beautiful and unique that he is passionate about sharing them with the rest of the world.

Murr and Mo work in quality control. They ensure everything is attached securely, and check that items are safely stored where they cannot be bumped or broken. Mo specializes in textiles, and Murr monitors shiny metal components.

Murr and MoPhoto above: Mo (left) and Murr (right)

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better.


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