Getting Started

Thus begins day 6 of the start up challenge-30 items to my Etsy Collection by June 30.

You would think that conceptualizing the products would be the hardest part, but putting everything together on top of it all can get fairly overwhelming.

First, there are the business cards, then the Blog site and, not to mention that the Etsy store itself requires filling in.

Products need to be given the finishing touches and photographed in the right lighting. Photos must be formatted esthetically, and posted with descriptions.The entire task could effectively be classified into five jobs; writer, editor, marketing executive, photographer, and artist. But, it must all begin somewhere.

I know that I should just throw a rough draft out, and edit  or upgrade postings later, but it leads to procrastination, due to my perfectionism. The eternal struggle.

So, here I am today, at day six, with five products ready to post. I hope you enjoy my assortment of pieces.

From Kelowna, British Columbia, introducing; Kate Mader Decor.

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