Wolf Hide and Seek Canvas

Wolf canvas in progress

This acrylic painting is on a 20″ x 16″ canvas. The wolf was first drawn in pencil, covered in a protective coating, and touched up with paint. Texture was applied to the rest of the canvas with spackling, atop which primer was applied. The wolf pup was then painted on by freehand in acrylic paint.

Wolf Hide and Seek Canvas

The latest stage of development is the above photo. The bark has been sized to fit atop the canvas, and is being weighted down while it is secured to the surface.

The next step is to fill in the edges of the bark segments with spackling, and sculpting texture along the edges.

After this is completed and dried, the remainder of the piece will be painted, the entire surface protected with a protective coat of lacquer. More updates to follow.


Otter Jewelry or Key Hanger in Progress

Otter incomplete

This is another driftwood piece awaiting completion. The paint job on the otter has been sealed with lacquer, but the face is going to get touched up slightly before it becomes available later this week.

Otter incomplete full view

Both wood pieces were collected from Vaseux Lake, in the Okanagan.

I usually secure eye hooks and wire strands along the backing of my pieces for two reasons. First, it is easier to hang a piece on the wall suspended from wire strands, and second, because it feels like the piece is sufficiently secure resting on two wire loops.

This time I followed a different method. As the bottom piece of wood had an existing hole through it from its past life, I drilled a matching hole along the left side. The finished piece will be secured directly into the wall by two screws.

I hope to have this piece completed and listed within the next week.

Porcupine Woodland Wall Clock

Porcupine Wall clock

Three hand crafted polymer porcupines perch atop this wall clock nibbling on golden mushrooms, sculpted from foam berries.

The clock numerals were hand painted and touched up to match the mushroom caps.

The moss required three coats of lacquer, and the porcupines needed several touch ups to achieve added depth.

I have to say, the hardest part of this job is waiting for the paint to dry. Well that, and the plaster, or glue, or lacquer. It is a time consuming job.

The delicate nature of this particular piece of bark required an especially gentle touch. Even after the plaster reinforcement was applied to the backing, adhesive needed to be carefully injected along the underside of the bark piece. It took careful monitoring and positioning to guarantee that no globs of glue spilled out onto the front of the piece.

Below is a photo of the bark as the clock backing was carved out by hand.

Porcupine Clock top view

At the end of it all, I can honestly say I am happy with the results.

All of the grooves along the front of the bark, highlighted with the naturally occurring moss cover make for a beautiful canvas.

This clock is now available in the KateMaderDecor Etsy shop. Please let me know if you would like the item gift wrapped (free of charge) at checkout.



Snowy Owl Driftwood Sculpture – Let it Snow

Just completed this weekend, this Snowy Owl Wall Sculpture is now available on etsy.

Snowy Owl Wall Art

The Snowy Owl was custom fitted to the curve of the wood. The depth of shading to the driftwood is attributed to the water worn grain of the wood piece itself. All that was necessary to do was white wash the front, and seal it with a matte finish to achieve the desired effect.

Driftwood Swan Jewelry Display or Key Organizer

Click on the following picture to open the Etsy Listing.

Swan Driftwood Hanger

Recently Listed Swan Wall Hanging Sculpture.

The bottom of the swan is in fact a piece of driftwood, only the wings, neck and head are made from polymer clay sculpted to fit perfectly to the bottom, and lightly white washed along the join.

These pieces of driftwood were salvaged from Nicolum River, near the Coquihalla highway.